International Art & Craft Workshop II

Welcome to an Intenational Art&Craft Workshop II second time organised by  Social Thought Club Initatives as a part  of international Grundtvig Workshops project.

The objective of this Grundtvig action is to enable adult learners to participate in Workshops taking place in another European country participating in the Lifelong Learning Programme.


From now on we have a real Tower of Babel and mixture of artistic forms in Lucznica. It’s Social Thought Club “Inicjatywy” which, for the second time already, is organizing International Art&Craft Workshop in Akademia Lucznica. For the whole week twenty persons will explore the ins and the outs of different art forms. Participants are all very different: come from Slovenia, Finland, Turkey, Iceland, Latvia, Bulgaria, Ireland, Greece and Poland. The youngest is less than 30 years old, the oldest one will turn 70 this year. They were clerks, accountants, journalists,  projects coordinators. But there is also a lot what they have in common. They are active, curious, open-minded and ready to learn new things. In 10-persons groups they will get to know one after another different forms of art: silk painting, ceramics and handmade paper. The outcome of the workshop will be taken by the participants home as keepsakes. You can follow us on our webpage:

You can read here about first edition of Intenational Art&Craft Workshop



Workshop date: 15 -21.04.2012, Venue: Łucznica, Poland,

closest Airport: Warsaw.

Arrival date: 14.04.2012

Departure date: 22.04.2012






Adults (except professionally active teachers and professional artists and crafters) with interests in craft who want to get new abilities or develop and share existing ones.

Applicants may come from the EU member states, Turkey, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein (no more than 5 people can come from one country)


20 (2 groups per 10 participants)


Craft Workshops join together educational and integration elements.

During 7 days’ workshop participants will be acquainted with three techniques:

-Ceramics (3 days)

-Silk painting (2 days)

-Handmade paper (2 days)

Expected outputs :

Developed manual skills

Self-development with regard to intercultural experience

Filling out aesthetic-expressive needs

Greater motivation to create craft

Development of creativity and high self esteem which makes participants more confident and efficient in their own point of view

Craft workshop effects can be taken home as a keepsake


The cost of the workshop will be covered in 100% by Grundtvig. Travel costs (plan/train) will be refunded on your arrival to Poland

Participants would be accommodated in Lucznica- in historical manor-house – 60 km from Warsaw. The centre is well equipped with workrooms, adapted for conducting craft workshops. All of the participants would be accommodated in single or double bedrooms. We guarantee full board and café service. During the workshop participants would be given all educational materials. We provide transport from Warsaw (airport) to Lucznica


Everyone interested in taking part in the workshop is asked to send application form via e-mail:

Deadline for sending the registration form is 31 December 2011. Information about recruitment results will be send till 15th of February 2012.

You can download application form here

Please contact us via e-mail: to receive more information about the workshop.


The present Project is implemented with financial support of the European Community withtin the Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme framework.

It is stipulatedthat the content of the Project or materials attached do not reflect the European Commission’s position in particular matter and in this connection either the European Commission or the National Agency is not responsible for that.