Shaping Future Career

Training course for leaders of youth organizations. The aim of the project is to prepare a programme of trainings, workshops or other forms of education in the field of looking for the jobs by young people. During the first stage of the course participants get familiar with issues related to the job market of young people (particularly graduates). During the second stage of the course participants prepare a common project for young people. This project will be usable by the participants in the organisations, for which they work in their own countries.

The aim of the project is to familiarise NGOs leaders taking part in the project with the problems young people entering the job market face. Within the course of the project its participants carry out the task of preparing the programme of workshops/trainings dealing with smooth functioning of young people on the job market and with helping them in shaping their future careers.

The main goal of the project is to raise participants’ awareness of the unemployment among young people. The additional goal is to prepare the programme of trainings, workshops or other activities addressed to young people entering the job market. Besides, the implementation of the trainings will be the opportunity to exchange experiences regarding the situation on the job market, possibilities of finding a job by young people living in various environments and cultures.

The innovative idea is the proposal of convincing young people to implement projects related to the their own segment of job market and their own problem of unemployment. The goal of the programme is to raise awareness of the unemployment problem but also to convince young people that they first should do something about their own problem themselves. Our goal is also to transfer the knowledge on how to operate in order to organise initiatives addressed to the unemployed and to the potentially unemployed as well as to the ones entering the job market. What is more, the original modern approach is a proposal of preparing the as-universal-as-possible project able to be implemented in various situations (in different countries, different societies, environments, in different age groups). It should serve as a model, which can be adjusted to the particular needs, a project pipeline – a helping hand for youth organisations supporting young people entering their adult lives.

Participants of the project will gain not only knowledge, experience and data regarding the job markets of young people, but also the basic training skills as well as the ones connected with preparing and implementing projects addressed to young people. The whole part of the programme will focus on gaining the basic training skills, which will enable the participants to prepare the training programmes.

The particular impact will be put on transferring the knowledge connected with preparing and implementing project of the ‘Youth’ Programme. Participants will get to know the virtues of the ‘Youth’ Programme and how this programme can be taken advantage of in the various situations.

The project can also serve as a starting point for creating a network of its participants. Within five days of the course their task will be to prepare a project addressed to young people entering the job market. We are not defining the type of the project in advance (training or workshops etc.). IN the first stage the participants will work on defining the best suitable type of the project for diverse social environments. The project should be universal enough to be implemented by the participants coming from different organisations in different countries. Perhaps the idea or ideas will be able to be implemented together by the participants. In that case it will be good opportunity to start international co-operation and implement other project within the framework of the ‘Youth’ Programme.