Social Thought Club Initiatives

Social Thought Club Initiatives

Social Thought Club Initiatives is a Polish non-governmental organisation that acts to develop civil society in Poland and in Europe. Since 2000 we have been carrying out training projects, conferences, research and youth exchange. The aim of these activities is to involve local communities in pursuit of their rights, to develop social dialogue and public consultations as well as to support sustainable development and to raise qualifications of people entering the job market.


All our projects have aroused a great interest and brought concrete results. Most importantly, they have been significant for the people for whom they have been run.


We do not act alone! We carry out our projects in cooperation with other organisations and universities from Poland and abroad. We collaborate permanently with the Collegium Civitas from Warsaw. We have also implemented our projects together with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and with the German Technologie-Netzwerk Berlin e. V. So far we have run training projects with youth organisations from Germany, Turkey, Spain, Russia, Lithuania, Romania, Italy and Portugal.


Club’s activities



To date we have organised a number of training projects, attracting around 400 people a year. The subjects covered concern mainly social skills; our trainers are psychologists and sociologists. We also organise periodical workshops for secondary school students about the job market, art workshops and training for trainers as well as training in the area of conducting public consultations.

Supporting civil society development

Our method for the development of active local communities is the support for civil society organisations. Therefore we organise projects whose aim is to enhance the cooperation between the non-governmental sector and the local public administration. We also organise courses for non- governmental activists entitled ”Professional NGO manager”. Our strategy for the development of civil society includes projects aimed at strengthening social dialogue and public consultations as well as activities to resolve social conflicts.

International cooperation

We carry out our projects in cooperation with partners from Poland and abroad. Together with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences from Skinnskatteberg we have implemented a project aimed at social dialogue, ecology and public consultations in Poland and Sweden. We have also worked together with Technologie-Netzwerk Berlin e.V. to implement a project on the development of the cooperation between NGOs and local governments.

We also take part in youth exchange projects. So far we have participated in projects organised in Italy, Germany, Romania, Spain and Turkey. In Poland we have run projects with the participation of non-governmental activists from, inter alia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Russia, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Romania.

Art activities

We organise periodical handicraft workshops for those who want to develop their manual skills. So far we have tried glass painting and jewellery-making. The latter has been very well received and the insatiable artistic souls want to meet for the third time at the jewellery workshop.

International projects

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